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802.3af Multi Port Power over Ethernet injectors save installation costs, share data and power.

Reduce the clutter in your installation - let WiFi-Texas replace up to 12 individual power injectors with one high density PoE injector or switch, and one power supply.

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PoE uses the ethernet cable to provide power to remote devices. While this function is included on some ports of PoE switches, our injectors allow you to add PoE to any ethernet switch or router - saving significantly.

PoE Methods
There are two methods to use the Ethernet cable for power. Both are part of the 802.3af and 802.3at spec.

  • Mode A uses the data pairs on pins 1-2 and 3-6 and shares those pins for data and power, we support Mode A with our multiport gigE products, since gigabit Ethernet needs all 4 pairs of wire in the cable - this requires RF transformers to isolate the DC voltage from the Ethernet data, so they are larger and more expensive.
  • Mode B uses pins 4-5 and 7-8 which are not used in 100mb Ethernet - so they are otherwise unused. All non gigE products use Mode B.
Many popular devices like IP Cameras, IP phones, WiFi Access points use PoE to avoid 110/220v power at the far end of a ethernet connection - you can go for 328 ft with a 24v or 48v supply to a typical device. The power supply is selected (see below) for the devices to be powered. Most Ubiquiti devices use 24v, most cameras and IP phones use 48v, also non-poe devices that use 12v or 5v can be powered, using our splitters. In the injector - power is supplied to all the POE+Data jacks, and data only on the LAN data jacks.

Gigabit or 10/100
10/100 PoE uses mode B ( pins 45 and 78 ) this is the lowest cost solution. All Cameras use 10/100 ethernet. IP Phones themselves need 10/100 - unless you have a desktop or laptop computer plugged into the 2nd port of the phone, then you want gigabit( 10/100/1000). Faster WiFi also needs gigabit. Gigabit shares power and data on 2 of the 4 pairs, usually mode A ( 12 and 36) - this requires an RF transformer in the device, and increases the cost.

Power IP phones with our low power solution
Your Polycom, Grandstream, Yealink, Cisco or other IP phone can be powered by our solution. Budget about 5 watts per phone - so a 60 watt 48 volt supply can drive 12 phones.

Please note, check the Phone for 802.3af in the spec - that is the standard 48v technology. If you have older Cisco phones that need reverse PoE, or have Polycom 301 or 501 phones, contact us for application information.

Power IP Cameras with our low power solution
Most cameras spec 802.3af - we power these with our 48v solution. We have solutions for non-PoE cameras. Budget 6 watts per camera, 8 watts if they have PTZ or IR features. If the camera uses 12v or 24v from a "wall wart" power supply, it may still need 48v from the PoE - look for the words 802.3af in the spec. See our Foscam page for 5v PoE or 12v PoE solutions. Ubiquiti Aircams operate from 24 volts.

Mix and Match the Injector with the Power supply you need
We supply the module and optional power supply (48v for phones, most IP cameras, WiFi Access Points, 24v for Ubiquiti, Mikrotik and Aircam, 18v for Tranzeo or OpenMesh), or you can use your own. Reboot all devices from one central location. We use these in our own installations and are making them available for others. Use with Wiligear, LigoWave, Mikrotik-routerboard, WRAP, ALIX, UBNT and especially UniFi.

5 Volt IP cameras like Foscam and Wansview need our 5v Splitter
If you have a device that needs 5 Volts - you cannot extend the power cord more than a few feet because of loss in the cord. With our solution, you can reliably power any 5v device at up to 328 ft, we have our new 5v Splitter product in sets of 1, 4, 8 and 12. The WS-POE-5v splitter is designed to power any 5v IP camera like Foscam, modem or USB device at up to 328ft, from a 10 volt to 30 volt supply. We have kits with splitters and injector blocks and 24v power supplies. You can mix 5v, 12v and 24v devices on one injector.

12 Volt IP cameras our 12v Splitter
If you have a device that needs 12 Volts - you cannot send 12v down the wire more than 100 feet because of loss in the cable. With our solution, we feed 24 volts (reduces the loss 75% ) then step it down to 12 volta at the far end up to 328 ft away. See these 12v Splitter product in sets of 1, 4, 8 and 12. The WS-POE-12v splitter is designed to power any 12v IP camera like Foscam, modem or wifi device at up to 328ft, from a 20 volt to 30 volt supply. We have kits with splitters and injector blocks and 24v power supplies. You can mix 5v, 12v and 24v devices on one injector.

Charge an iPad or tablet without local 110v / 220v power
Our charger for kiosks is listed at our store here Link to Store page . With this device, you can operate and charge a tablet or iPad based kiosk from a phone line or ethernet cable. Avoids having to find 110v near the kiosk. Our kit includes the 24v power supply and 5v splitter, USB connectors and 30 pin iPad connector.

Distance calculator
Above 24v, there is generally no distance limit to POE. However, at lower voltages we recommend the use of our Online POE distance, voltage and power calculator if you are curious about the operation of POE at voltage below 24v or at high currents.

Passive vs 802.3af
There are two common methods to remotely power a device. The 802.3af and 802.3at methods have an autodetect feature, so that 48v is applied once a device is attached. This feature increases the cost of the POE device significantly. Our POE devices supply the voltage your devices need all the time, and allow you to provide 48v, 24v and other voltages - this saves cost, and many devices from Ubiquity do not support 802.3af. If you connect a Ubiquiti, Mikrotik or similar device to an 802.3af port- it will not work. Passive POE provides power at all times to the ethernet cable. The injector can also be used with 802.3af or 802.3at devices, if you use a 48v supply.

Power Supply Options

We have many types of UL and CE approved
100-240volt, 50/60 hertz power supplies.
10 Watts
15 Watts
30 Watts
60 Watts
120 Watts
240 Watts
Foscam, Tenvis, Linksys cameras, iPad
Foscam 12v & Modems
Open Mesh
Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, Tranzeo, Deliberant
IP Cameras, IP phones, Cisco Access Points
Outdoor Cameras, Aruba Cisco Access Points
IP Cameras, IP phones, Cisco Access Points
Outdoor Cameras, Aruba, Cisco Access Points

Power a wide mix of devices

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POE pinout


Note: Warranty 1 year for injector only and power supply (if provided by us). No warranty or liability of any kind for attached devices. External surge protection required for any situation where lightning or ground loops may occur.

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